Introduction to the new Fashion Mercenary

My name is Amanda Bear, fashion designer and textile artist.  I have been doing freelance design for all levels and categories of fashion for the last ten years.  I can draw, drape, pattern, write specs, and pick colors.  I can do all these services for you, but I am going to use this website to give YOU all my skills.  You want shortcuts?  You want the skills to bypass these people using slave labor and dumping chemicals into our oceans?  I am going to use this website to teach you everything I know.  If you would like to have a personal session to ask any questions about the project you are working on, I charge $50/hour.  Whether it is sewing, artwork, or business related.  If you would like to request a specific DIY video for a skill you cannot find anywhere, it is also $50 to sponsor it, and it will be posted within a week with a special thank you and a link to your website if you have one.  If you would like any specific help with launching your fashion brand or just creating something special for yourself, technical sketches, pattern creation, illustration, fabric designs, etc, email me and I will send you a quote.  I will also be creating a database of sourcing with reputable ethical companies who can sell you good supplies.

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